The School Council is a group of children chosen by the children, for the children. The School Council is for you to have your say and for your chosen class rep to speak for you.

The School Council class reps are chosen by the voting in each class.

Reps are selected because they can speak for others, can represent their class and can feed back information to their class.

The Chair and Vice chair will use the agenda to lead the meetings.

They will make sure every class rep who wants to speak can do so.

They will help to keep discussions focused.

They will carry out any actions decided on in the meeting.

They will lead publicity for the School Council.

The KS1 Buddies will attend the Class Councils in Year 1 and Year 2 as well as in their own classes.

They will help and support the reps in Year 1 and Year 2 during Class Councils and School Council meetings.


How we elected our School Council

Our School Council Election School Council Election

School Council Application Form School Council Application Form


What we have been up to

March 2016 Snack Pot Sale

February 2016 Snack Pot Sale

February 2016 Pupil Interviews for Librarians Pupil Interviews for librarians

February 2016 Pupil Voice at Glebe Pupil Voice at Glebe Presentation

October 2015 Local Democracy Event Local Democracy Event


June 2015

The School Council are currently very busy reviewing the academic year 2014/15. We are discussing what aspects of the following have been successful for us:
• Learning projects
• Special events & experiences
• The school environment
• Clubs – afterschool & lunchtime
Our thoughts and ideas will be presented by our Chair and Vice Chair, to the Governing Body, and considered carefully when creating the School Development Plan for the coming year!

Whole School Election to elect School Council Chairperson / Vice Chairperson for the coming academic year!

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