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June 2017     Supporting Literacy in EYFS

May 2017  Subject Leader Key Skills – Reading

May 2017  Subject Leader Key Skills – Writing

November 2015 Reading AT Home Parent Leaflet  Reading at home

Mrs Green’s Literacy links  Mrs Green’s Literacy Links

Useful Websites A whole range of lovely interactive games for Primary aged children. For early years – American site so watch the accent but the children love it! Sebastian swan big books to share with the class, including some questions about the text (also available in French and Welsh!!!) Looks at the history of the written word, with ideas for making scrolls, writing during Victorian Times etc. Book reviews, free stories, writing activities and games for Primary aged children. Scroll down the page for free online animated stories. BBC website based on ‘letter and sounds’. Includes some great online games and activities – particularly the blending games. CHRISTMAS ONLY!! E-mail Santa with your class and receive a great reply – a very sweet activity for the younger classes (also includes games and other activities). Audio books, stories and games. Many of the stories are ‘classics’ eg. from the brothers Grimm (read with an American accent) The Primary Literacy zone from BBC schools. Games based on the stories For children in FS or early years with fine motor control problems A fun spelling game against an opponent (computer) and the clock. Also improves typing speed and accuracy. Links for books on the Usbourne reading scheme but also helpful for topic work as it has good hyperlinks.