Home School Agreement



The School will:

  • Support the UNICEF articles for children’s rights.

  • Show respect for each child.

  • Expect respect from each child.

  • Involve parents in working alongside their child/children.

  • Prepare challenging appropriate work for all pupils.

  • Inform parents of children’s progress at family conferences and through written reports.

  • Assess and monitor pupil’s work to recognise and encourage success and attainment.

  • Celebrate effort, attainment and good behaviour publicly.

  • Set challenging though realistic developmental targets for each child.

  • Address the EVERY CHILD MATTERS agenda through half termly multi-agency network meetings.


Signed: ___________________________________ Date: _________________




I/We will:

  • Support the UNICEF articles for children’s rights.

  • Ensure my child attends regularly.

  • Make sure my child arrives on time (8.30am) and is collected on time at (2:45).

  • Support the school’s behaviour management strategies.

  • Keep in regular contact through my child’s journal.

  • Support the school’s policies and contribute to them when appropriate.

  • Attend family conferences to discuss my child’s progress and jointly set developmental targets.

  • Support my child in completing home learning and reading and returning it to school promptly.

  • Ensure my child is dressed in appropriate, named clothing and shoes for all subjects.

  • Provide an appropriate role model to children whilst on the school premises.


Signed: ___________________________________ Date: _________________



I will:

  • Support the UNICEF articles for children’s rights.

  • Treat everyone, including myself with respect.

  • Work hard at all times.

  • Take care of and be proud of my classroom and the school environment.

  • Work and share resources with other pupils and be prepared to listen to different opinions.

  • Follow the code of conduct and my class rules.

  • Be a “Glebe Person”.


Signed: ___________________________________ Date: _________________




Together we will:

  • Address all learning needs.

  • Support the children’s learning to help them to achieve their best through work in the classroom and at home.


(This information is taken from the School Journal)