Welcome to Year 4

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Term 3A Memorable Experience

This half term our topic is called Traders and Raiders. We will be exploring all things Vikings and having lots of fun in the process.  For our memorable experience this half term, we wrote our own Viking chants! We also invaded the playground in true Viking fashion, and went pillaging for any treasures that we could find. Finally, we learned that Vikings loved eating bread with different herbs. We tasted a range of different herbs and then tried to guess what herbs they were. I think it’s safe to say, most of us are very happy that we don’t have to eat bread and herbs on a regular basis.

Term 2B Memorable Experience

This half term, our topic is called The Normans. We have been learning all about how the Normans used to live and have also learned all about the Battle of Hastings. For our memorable experience, we re-created the Battle of Hastings. In the images below, you can see us re-enacting the moment that William of Normandy’s army tricked Harold Godwinson and went on to win the war.

On Friday 19th of March, we helped to raise money for comic relief by dressing in red and telling our favourite jokes. Take a look at the pictures below, to see some of our hilarious jokes.

In Y4 we like to integrate outdoor learning in order to deliver and enhance skills taught throughout the year. We have been using investigative skills to solve problems using place value in the natural world.

This half term in music we will be working on our notation and composing skills. We will be using the guitars to play a pattern of chords and will eventually move on to composing our own pattern of chords.

Term 3A Documents

2021 Y4 T3A Newsletter
2021 Y4 T3A Home learning
2021 Y4 T3A Key skills sheets
2021 Y4 T3A RE Skills
2021 Y4 T3A Science Skills
2021 Y4 T3A Remote Learning Pack 1
2021 Y4 T3A Remote Learning Pack 2

Term 3B Documents

2021 Y4 T3B Newsletter
2021 Y2 T3B Home Learning
2021 Y4 T3B Key skills sheets
2021 Y4 T3B RE Skills Sheets
2021 Y4 T3B Science Skills sheet
2021 T3B Year 4 Remote Learning Pack 1
2021 T3B Year 4 Remote Learning Pack 2

Term 2B Documents

2021 Y4 T2B Newsletter
2021 Y4 T2B Home learning
2021 Y4 2B Key skills sheets
2021 Y4 T2B RE Skills
2021 Y4 T2B Remote Learning Pack 1
2021 Y4 T2B Remote Learning Pack 2