Glebe Academy Music ‘Vision Statement’

For every child to experience, and develop skills in all areas of the Music National Curriculum:

Key Stage 1/2 pupils develop…
• playing skills across a range of instruments (guitar, djembe, keyboards, bass guitar, drum kit, ukulele)
• singing skills (pop songs, traditional songs, world music)
• composing (creating children’s own versions of the music they learn to play/sing)
• listening (to music from different genres, styles and traditions, and responding using musical vocabulary – pitch, silence, duration, dynamics, texture, timbre, tempo)

In addition Key Stage 2 pupils develop…
• notation skills (duration, rhythm, pitch, the stave, bar lines, time signatures, the treble clef)
• history of music skills (the periods of music, famous composers, features of the periods)

For Music to be fun and for musical performance and listening to be an everyday part of school life, whether it be a djembe group, a band, a choir or whatever else captures our musical imagination and enthusiasm.

View or download a copy of the subject leader Programme of study by clicking the link below.

Music – Programme of study

View or download a copy of the subject leader key skills by clicking the link below.

Music – Key Skills

View or download a copy of the Music National Curriculum by clicking the link below.

Music – National Curriculum

Music websites – Link to Mr Bromfield’s and Glebe’s Makewaves site. Recordings of our school’s work and notation skills are uploaded here! – audio resources for schools. – some interactive music sites. – sing your way to times tables success! – Link to the sound Foundations website in which many Glebe children participate