Early Reading

Phonics teaching at Glebe Academy follows the Read, Write Inc programme which has been adapted to meet the requirements of the new Primary National Curriculum for English. Our aim is that by the end of Key Stage 1, children will be confident and fluent readers and have learnt strategies and rules to support spelling. We teach the children grapheme-phoneme correspondences (the sounds that letters make) and how to sound out and blend words for reading. The children also learn how to segment words into sounds in order to spell. Phonics is taught through daily discrete phonics lessons for all children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 but children are also given opportunities to apply, explore and practise their reading and spelling skills throughout the curriculum. The children’s progress is regularly assessed and they move through the phases at their own pace.

Useful Free Phonics Websites

Please talk to your child’s class teacher to find out which phonics phase your child is being taught so that you know which games are appropriate.